Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meat Instead of Mushroom

Some of you may not like the smell of mushroom in soup. You can replace the mushrooms with a slice of chicken meat.

Received a sms this morning, " after drinking the soup followed by a warm footbath before sleep of lavender, ginger. I release alot of gas. This morning I felt warm and energetic lao shi, thanks alot... Katrina (please share this testimonial) "

Thank you for your support. This soup may not taste like a superb nice nice herbal soup, but it helps to nourish stomach and spleen effectively. It is not to cure bloated stomach but is suitable for people who have bloated stomach to strengthen their stomach, indirectly brings about good health. After drinking the soup and doing the footbath, I will also massage my stomach 54 times clockwise before sleep. SUPER

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