Sunday, July 17, 2011

Testimonials of Bryan's Class. Thank you

Its a great blessing to be able to share information that can help people all these years. "East meets West" class was completed successfully yesterday. I will probably take a rest for a year. I wish everyone well and happy. Hope all students can put what you have learnt into good use. Bryan really hope the new generation can be inspired by Chinese ancient methods to improve their health. It is not easy to promulgate natural therapy but I will do my best. I hope anyone who have attended my classes will make an effort to have interest in natural therapy, that is what I ask from you.

Everytime when I teach in a class, I wish I have more time to share and hope everyone in the class will benefit in one way or another. Life is really a wonderful thing if you can see and understand your life. Sharing brings happiness and joy. Of course, sharing must come with the right information of proper research.

During my years of learning and sharing, I realised hives, bloated stomach and headaches are very common among city dwellers like you and I. Among these people, there are people who have consulted many doctors, and have done their checkups but unable to detect any problems or see any improvements in their conditions. I will advise them to do a 3 mins breathing exercise everyday with their favourite music. This method has helped many of my students. Some of them who have serious IBS recovered by 70% in a year.

Remember when you have a certain kind of illness, the first thing is to Let Go. Have faith, believe and trust that your body has the ability to heal if you take care of your mind and heart. When mind and heart is in a calm state, your body will generate a very powerful anti sickness chemical that heals the organs. Once again, a BIG Thank You to everyone :)

Ah Ma Secret Recipe Workshop and East Meets West Kwa Sa Class will be conducted once a year in future.

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