Thursday, September 15, 2011

Now till 23rd Sep, weather is known as [Bai Lu]

Our Chinese ancestors have passed down a very useful knowledge on health. Each year is divided into 24 segments and now is known as [Bai Lu].

白露 is a kind of weather, whereby we get dry throat and cough one or three times a day. Its not a very bad cough but just uncomfortable. Eyes may get a bit of dry and sore as well. Well, if you do not take care and neglect, it can also turn into nasty flu.

For Health

1) Early morning when you wake up, drink a cup of water with half teaspoon of salt in it.

2) Use a warm face towel and cover your eyes for 10mins. Alternatively, I put my handmade eye pillow into microwave to warm it before putting on my eyes for 10mins.

3) If your throat is not feeling good, you can blend this Bryan's famous Immune blend for application.

4) Inhale Peppermint oil, Lavendula vera oil and Lemon oil from tissue. Carry this tissue with you. Its aroma and medicine value will last for a day.

Bryan's Immune Blend: 10ml of rice bran oil with 4 drops of Lavendula vera oil, 2 drops of 5 elements oil and 1 drop of Eucalyptus.

5) Drink Cough and throat recovery tea. This is a gentle tea to speed up the recovery of cough and sore throat.

You can label this blend as "Cough cums sore throat and swelling gland speedy recovery blend". Hahahahaaaa long name isn't it?? Well, its super effective because its pure and good oil. Apply this blend to your neck area 3 times a day. Keep it in your handbag. You can apply around front and back of your neck to prevent flu.

Gentle Throat Recovery
1) 2 CTBS of 南杏and 2 CTBS of 北杏
2) 1/2 CTBS of zhi chen pi 制陈皮
3) 8 pieces of 桔梗
4) 1 dried sweet orange
5) 3 slices of dried Liquorice.

Wash and put everything in a pot using about 7-8 cups of water and boil for half an hour.

NB: Using fresh and good oil is extremely important and they absolutely makes a difference. Bryan stood by this belief for 15 years. Newcomers got to try and experience for yourself. I do not need to prove to you because I am responsible for my action.

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