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Cough and Cough Point (My hand ah)

After all these years of researching on Cough...

Cough is something that become serious if u dont
REST and you dont drink TCM tea

Serious Cough can be avoided if u see TCM very early stage and follow by 2 complete days of sleeping and sleeping and apply oil at chest.

But because we need to work,gym end up cough takes long time to recover.

Worst thing is Cough still go running.... U are going to slow down the recovery by another week each time u run.

A 2010 Article for you.

This section is the 'Anti Cough cough" section. When phlegm unable to cough out, throat itch, and also in seminar wanna cough, or in movie sudden urge to cough and scare disturb people, or want speedy recovery from cough, quickly press this section 100 times. (Gosh my English really power ahahah, break all the rules of Language ahah)Press this point with thumb or massage stick 100 times, normally throat will feel better and phlegm will be easier to cough out within few days.

To speed up recovery using aROMA Oil and acupressure for cough.

Blend: 10ml rice oil (Best oil for scar and skin problems and travel cold countries super power, used by many clients and power feedbacks since 2001). + 3 drops Lavendula vera + 2 drops Eucalyptus radiata(Best famous Eucalyptus from bryan) + 2 drops Frankincense (A healing oil for cough and boost immune system)
Tired to Blend? : Simple fast, rice oil few drops on palm than the lavendula and eucalytpus 1 drop each on the palm, mix and apply direct.

1) Use few drops of the blend apply to neck , chest area twice a day. Follow by using the massage stick and press the section 100 times. The stick u can put a drop each of the lavendula, Eucalyptus into the wood.

Press 100 times. 

Aiya direct translate from Chinese Poems la. It means watch your lungs and warm urself with blanket when sleep in aircon if not u get cough easily. Is also a season that a person get depressed easily.

After apply 3 oil with few drop rice oil. Use below method!

Actually Do you know to heal cough and sinus (morning). Every day use 3 oil on upper back than use a warm hair dryer warm upper back, u will see result in 2 days. Morning sinus will almost disappear.

I work in office before for many years. And I truly understand if we have flu or cold,normally few days later may turn into cough. And  is very suffering because of the aircon.
If this cough is ignore in early stage it becomes those chronic cough that is very difficult to recover.

Well  this tea is for blocked nose, phlegm turns white or alot of phlegm (if phlegm is still yellow or green, u can add 7 chrysanthemum to it).

Boil already put in vaccum vask drink throughout day sip by sip. I tell you, your cough and bloated stomach and phlegm dissolve in no time.

For cough or throat problems; U must use eucalyptus and lavendula vera, they expel cough. One drop each in tissue, at office inhale. Or blend in vicks and apply neck and upper back. U will be surprised how fast your cough recover.

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2007 Article

Having irritated cough needs rest. If u rest, u will recover faster. After see doctor, cough syrub normally we drink at night, day time u can make this tea. It will very fast speed up recovery for any cough.
(Tell medical hall $2.50)
Above herbs I buy from medical hall at $2.5. Than I use a bag put in all herbs. Boil  1litre or 800ml of water for 20mins. Add honey and bring to office to drink throughout the day.

Office Antivirus Aroma Atomiser DIY

Cough is a very sickening thing. This period , to prevent cough virus, u can use lavendula, lemon and eucalyptus or ten spice oil, lavendula vera in tissue and carry with u. Inhale from tissue few times a day. Last time work in office, I will have a atomiser filled with water and the above oil 5 drops each with bryan relax blend in this water. Shake well and spray the air, it kills all airborne diseseases.
Also use wipe table and phone; But shake well before use. 

This 4 oil really really helps many many many, once mix with vicks apply neck help recover from flu

Sometimes if cough. U can put 3 drops BRB in lotion massage stomach and than press the below collar bone point for 2 mins. below two collar bone use both hand and press gently. Acupressure help speed recovery from cold viruses that often lead to coughs.

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