Monday, February 15, 2016

Weather Change: Bryan Relax Blend and Rice Bran oil

Damp Energy is the main cause of causing skin to aged in Asian Countries like Singapore. But dont worry, constant of drinking remove damp energy tea will keep us young and performing stomach massage with antidampness oil is good.

 I believe the power of removing damp energy in the body:> Damp energy cause us to have eye bags, puffy skin and dull skin, remember that........

Hi all, is time to use your Bryan Relaxation Blend which contain 藿香. This season weather will result alot of stagnant Qi in our body:> Those waste the things u have bought. Use it.

Bryan's relaxation Blend: is exotic, sensual, and luxurious not only it is Antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal; reduces fluid retention.

Bryan Relaxation Blend in CHinese Research

1. <<名医别录》:“疗风水毒肿,去恶气,疗霍乱,心痛。”



Bryan's favourite usages:

1) 1 to 2 drops in cream and massage stomach or leg. 3 drops in pail of warm hot water with a face towel, scrub the body.
2)4 drops in small pail of water and 5 drops rice bran oil, use a good morning towel scrub body. ( do one time , u will know what is power bath)

3) 4 drops in warm water hand or footbath for 15mins to remove damp and fatigue energy in the body.

4) 4 drops in 10ml rice bran oil, mix already use it for body massage.

Rice Bran Oil: Is  a bottle from head to toe for healing the body. Sometimes after shower just a few drops rub whole body for healing. U also can mix with any of my essential oil for massage. Simplest is just few drops on palm and 3 oil one each on it and mix with index finger apply direct to pain area.

If u can apply rice bran oil 10ml blend with 4 drops BRB and 2 drops tea tree. This blend u massage foot daily before sleep and wear socks to sleep. After a week ur foot very pretty one.

Eczema / Hives, u all can refer to the hives write out beside the label. Now sometimes is good to see a doctor one time for HIVEs like zyrtec. U need take one time to let the histamine back to normal than combine with natural method. We must also respect western medicine. I am a natural therapist that work with both science.

Rice Water is good to drink daily. But do u know for eczema is good also

Rice water. Makes an excellent skin healing for hives. It speed up acne heal when u drink and apply redness of an outbreak.

Rice water is also very easy to make and use. Boil rice  until it is soft and ready to eat.

When the rice is done, drain off the water through a colander into a separate container, you may need to do this twice to get rid of all the rice grains. Put the rice away in the refrigerator and let the rice water cool.

After the rice water has cooled, take clean cotton or facial washcloth will do, and wet in the rice water. Pat onto your hives/eczema. Do this for several minutes

Let your skin air dry. than apply abit rice bran oil (blended with lavendula 2 drops in 10ml rice oil store in bottle)
 Do this twice a week for hives rash eczema skin. Also u can apply double blue flower gel first before rice oil.

Feeling Tired and no LIFE
Drink rice water: 2 Chinese Tablespoon rice and 700ml water boil lor:> Than cool it and eat drink.
Tired and exhausted: cheapest and the healthiest instant-energy-boost drink that you can make at home
DSC00576 Why would you let the water from cleaning the rice go waste?

Items Freshly arrived

1) Rice Bran Oil $45
2) Bryan Relax Blend $45
3) Rose balm $25 (30 bottles only, give friend they love u)
4) Clarity Blend $18 (put in  bag, anytime headache back ache just apply, instant release and no smell after 5 mins)

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