Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eye Care:> Promotion $160 3 items

Just like the famous HAIR SERUM, the HA Eye Serum will make a HIT here.

Super Power DUO EYE CARE

A) HA EYE Preventive Corrective SERUM  $50

Exclusive omhealth complex helps to promote perfect environment for the production of elastin and collagen of skin. Skin cell strength is increase. Immediately, skin smooth and radiant.

B) EYE Cream Ginseng (CHEMICAL Free) $50
Bio New herbs with ginseng that promote hydration and circulations, Maintain skin integrity, deep wrinkles and elasticity.

C) Face and Eye Mask.  $68
Complex herbs with aloe to hydrate skin and eyes area. Boost skin moisture, generate youthfully smooth and complete gentleness reducing environmental damage of skin.

Are you the first few to start using. Thank GOD feedback below within 5 days of launch... Amazing. Thank Thank YOU. SOme spend $200 over for this kind of serum. For just $50 u have the TOP NOTCH active ingredients u want. And approved tested in local:>

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