Monday, July 15, 2013

Charity and Happiness and Omhealth

Yeah have successfully completed the project, and donation and distributing food will continue to spread to all parts of Singapore.. I have my way of doing things. U have ur way of doing things. But we all come with one heart of love. So whether any religion, race u are in... 

Omhealth Group within this 2 months has donated PiPaGao, Food , acupressure for elderly for all. Sometimes I think , I so so busy and one person plan things... how it happens... well isnt it God's Strength. Ur God and my God may be different ahah... But to me... is LOVE lor. SO dont judge me.

Be happy. 
I dont know whether I will go heaven or what. I dont care ( because a friend call me, and say Bryan u do yoga all these is evil, than I tell them... that means u say Ghandi is bad ah...)

... I try to be a better person everyday., I dont care de. Tell u, in this line, u receive alot funny sms... But at the end of day, God answer my prayers. See yesterday Heaven Door Open Day since Song Dynasty... such a beautiful weather day. 
U know what I mean. Also be open mind la.... more fun pic at

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