Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Health Meet Up Talk

i) 25th July 630pm (645 start)FULL HOUSE
ii) 31st July 630pm (Start Register now, only for 15 students)
iii) 8th August 630pm (Start Register now, only for 15 students)

Meet Up Day

Topic: Ancient Herbs, Healing And Modern Acupressure Techniques
Date: 25th July 2013
Venue: Art Tea House, Shaw Tower #02-20, 100 Beach Road
Time : 630 to 830 ( Will start 6: 45pm)
Fees: $50

Every lesson, you will get a stamp; Once u have 5 stamps. U are graduated with Omhealth Beginers Guide to Natural Therapy.

I find that small group is needed again for me to impart to those who are really into healing and ancient therapy.

There will be a total of 5 different meet up, every one topic will be different. Is all about beauty and health.

No religion content in it. From Western DOctors , to TCM doctors, people all walks of life has been interested in Bryan's NAtural therapy methods... So after 13 years, I am going to share in small group only for those interested and sincere.

Meet up Day: Is like a close conversation and I will share all I can within 2 hours. There will be 5 meet up this year.

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