Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hearty Email and Feedbacks

THey say if you are determined and sincere about delivering quality products. U can see results and strong foundation will bring you further

What Skin Care You should start using?

Famous: Antiage Set: Cleanser, Lavender water , Antiage Serum and Marine Collagen cream

Mask : Face and Eye Mask

Scrub: Most incredible famous scrub

A email feedback from Jia Lin.

Lao Shi, I have decided to give you a feedback and hope it helps. Thanks for all your effort.

I've been using lavender water and scrub for about a year now and my skin condition is  good. :L: The oiliness has definitely reduced and I rarely get any breakouts. Also, my skin is clearer overall.  Breakout normally is due to sleep and good, so I followed your herbal tea and barley+ green beans which helps alot.
I have combo/oily skin and my daily skincare consist of your cleanser and serums and Perfectionist.
I only have used face and eye mask and they are lovely as well.

I have benefit so much from your chemical ffree skincare.. I was sometime tempted by advertisement and I do confess I bought the $400 serum for face and eyes. I regreted , your HA eye serum and face serum set is so far best. My friends wont believe until they try . I think may be you should improve your products label, which I think you are doing it now, am so glad to see all changes you make..

Good luck!

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