Thursday, July 11, 2013

Using of Equipment and Machine without Going to Doctors

I think Botox, fillers etc are so common now.

But still I wont do it. ANd wont consider.

Being in media line now, I see the over use of this items but yet... nothing can be done.

To me, going facial can be waste of money especially a facial cost more than $100 because u are paying for wash face etc. Many say add ampoules which end up $300 facial. '

But u ever think how much can a skin one time can absorb. In fact, facial steaming, neroli oil lavender water kwa sa, face mask  can le.

I would say, if u really want to have more, buy a good equipment and DIY. For me equipment I will invest one for collagen growth. But must not get from unknown source. Lately on TV I have shown one equipment is good. But again I am not the spokesman, u can buy any other brand de. Really many no bad brand in market, u choose urself, should not spend more than $600 and must have support warranty in SIngapore.

 Trust me , u will save alot of money. After use , good absorption of skin care products. ANd facial no need go le.

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