Monday, August 26, 2013

A and I

Do you have a short fuse or find yourself getting into frequent arguments and fights?

Irritability is a milder form of anger; and may be demonstrated in as a behavioral response to physiological, pathological, environmental, situational, and emotional stimuli. It is usually manifested as bad temper, touchiness and petulance.

Anger is a more intense reaction and is related to your interpretation of been wronged, offended or denied; and is a tendency to tackle that by retaliating.

Sometimes you wake in the morning that you may feel today is a good day. But after brush teeth breakfast... U feel irritable... this is because alot of un resolved issues start to float up from your body. And your body is trying to ask u to handle it if not u cant rest well.

You hate that and you really dont know how to handle this bad tempered or energy and need to smile to inlaws, husband, wife, colleagues... and slowly snow ball grow inside.


Anger Management Techniques: How to Manage Anger with Aromatherapy

It is very important to understand that you can not overcome anger by expressing it. It can only be diluted or transformed. The intensity of your emotion will reduce gradually, or you could transform the feeling in to patience and tolerance. Sandalwood Oil can assist you in managing your temper effectively

Essential oils that are recommended to treats anger are:  
Frankincense, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lavendula and Grapefruit Pink.Rice Bran Oil

Above 5 Oil in Aromatherapy we call them the 5 Pointed Star Healing Oil.

U can anyhow mix with rice bran oil in 15ml and use for massage body.

FULL SET: : $280

Acupressure Directions for Balancing Anger

Rub a drop oil (anyabove)at your wrist.

Use your left hand to firmly hold your right middle finger, resting your hands in your lap, as you breathe deeply with your eyes closed for one minute.
Then switch hands to hold the length of your left middle finger firmly. Take another minute with your eyes closed to breathe deeply and relax.
Holding the middle finger in this way stimulates acupressure points on the Pericardium, associated with relieving excessive anger and resentment, high fever, and exhaustion. Traditionally, this is also used for emergency revival.

Using emotional balancing points, like holding the third finger, regulates your system and allows healing energy to flow when anger surfaces.  This can help you experience anger with stability and spiritual awareness.  When you are feeling secure, you are able to make constructive and empowering decisions.  When your anger is repressed or unexpressed, the result can be self-sabotage, passive aggressive behaviors, physical pain and the inability to enjoy equanimity.

Aromatherapy oils calm you down and soothe frayed and tensed nerves. They help you introspect and analyze your behavior. Using aroma oils to meditate gives your mind a much needed holiday and suffuses you with peace and harmony.

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