Friday, August 2, 2013

Exhausted and no Qi and Breathless?

Every MeetUP Class I will share a herb cure: Blog also will share la:> N
ext Green Meet Up is 22nd August. 
Please come ok:>


Red Dates: Circulation and noruish heart and blood x 5
Huang Qi: 10 grams: Circulation and warm the body(just enough and not heaty)
Dang Shen : 10 gram: Qi Nourish and Boost Qi of body.

All in 500ml to 700ml water boil for 20mins.

Before drink, apply healing trees oil bottom of feet and a drop Bryan relaxation blend on tummy.
Than press beside point for 2 mins.
See the Qi moving in an hour:> After u drink.

Acupressure B:

Point to press after the tea: 20 seconds a point for 3 set. See how ur body transform:>

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