Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green Class and Yellow Class: FEEDBACKS

Hi all

Green class at first was targeted 15 at first because of the small tea house. But even 15 the tea house too cramp le.  SO venue change to Heritage Center, bigger space and I wont want to waste the big space.
And I find that I can handle 25 which also more can share their secrets. And more case studies to learn.

And is a good number of 25. And 5 of them are volunteers, so end up class is 20 students only. ALl who attended Green class , dont u find that u have learn alot from each other ahahah:>

Now venue change to Heritage because of the space and my rental has gone triple but is worth it with the facilities. 

And amazing many share their health issues and seems similar problems surface. ANd I thank the 5 volunteers coming to help me again.

Congrats, have 2 GREEN CLASS student sleep better le after the QI Gong. Thanks for being a good students.

Yellow Class, will be combination from 2 GREEN class so u can learn from each other the techniques taught.

After Yellow Class, all students will need to submit me a thesis. Best writer and research will receive omhealth $100 voucher. 

For all Green Class students, do ur liver QI Gong tonight and also please press the Sleep Acupressure point before sleep tonight and stomach massage ok:>

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