Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Healing Oil Cotton Method

Limbic Mid-Brain System, center of Emotions, Memories and Smell 

Inhalation of oil gently helps in overall system

As the scent are carried to the Limbic Mid-Brain (the center of our emotions and memories), and then to the base of the brain, which is the pathway between the spine and higher brain centers, passing between the pituitary gland (switchboard of the endocrine system and ALL emotions) and the pineal gland (regulates our biological clock and stimulates our inner vision) and then to a little known part of the brain called the amygdala, which stores and releases emotional trauma.

Finally the impulses complete their journey by entering our gustatory center of the brain, which is our taste perception. It is no wonder odors, smells and aromas create such a biological and emotional response!

That is why combining good oil with positive thinking works wonder;

Cotton/ Tissue method/ add to warm water hand bath:

1) Lost of confidence and Sadness and DEpressed:  2 drops grapefruit Pink and 2 drop lavendula in cotton, fold and inhale gently

2) Anger, Agitated and Irritable: Bergamot 3 drops + Eucalyptus 2 drop

3) Indecisive and Cant make decision: Rosemary 2 drops, Rose geranium 2 drops and Lemon 3 drops

4) All kinds of aches seems see doctor also cant cure: 2 drops frankincense, 1 drop peppermint and 2 drops grapefruit pink.

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