Friday, August 16, 2013

Hives , Eczema , Rashes

There are many articles I written for hives, eczema and rashes...

the items uses are....

Ok the set are

1) Rice bran Oil or Jojoba or COCOnut oil from omhealth

2) Lavendula, peppermint, teatree, Roman chamomile

20ml rice oil: Lavendula  8 drops, peppermint 3 drops, tea tree 3 drops.

U can mix u own blend.

Sometimes too tired to blend. Just pour few drops rice bran oil on palm, than chose above 2 types oil a drop each on the oil and mix and apply

3) Bryan's Double blue flower aloe vera Gel: Apply direct on hives.

U must be persistent to see results. And also watch ur diet.

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