Thursday, August 15, 2013

Inner Beauty

Bryan's Beauty Care: 7 days to see result.


1) Wake up, do breathing exercise 3 times (478)
2) Drink warm water.
3) Use Anti-age cleanser cleanse face 15 sec, cleanse proper. Than use lavender water on cotton and dap face gently.
Go for breakfast: For a morning glow, breakfast on Cereal topped with Goji seeds and honey, is like a polish machine cleanse ur system and nutriments your skin.

About to go out: Apply ANtiage serum, moisturiser and Sunscreen. Eye area HA eye serum.

4)3 times a week if can drink the Royal Jelly Collagen drink.
Boost nuitrients for skin and bones
5) Drink 2 times a week, honeysuckle and chrysanthemums tea with a dash of liquorice .
Detox to prevent acne
6) Office is the place u get skin problems. A drop lavendula and grapefruit in tissue inhale abit.

Between 2 pm to 5 pm make sure u have 4 glass of water minimum. If not nothing helps. 

7) Evening, cleanse face with tea tree cleanser (15 seconds). Facial steaming with rose geranium and frankincense 3 mins. Follow by White clay mask for 10mins (lift skin and detox skin). (White Clay mask can perform 2 times a week)

8) Face and eye mask apply whole face rest 15mins. (twice a week)


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