Thursday, August 1, 2013

MeetUp Green Class one more lessons

Meetup Green , one more class for the year is 22nd August 2013/ 630pm to 830pm (for people interested to learn exclusive in health and beauty with me) Small group only

Hi all, thanks for attending the meaningful meetup class, many learn exclusive acupressure, foodcure , right informations and health techniques. 

And sharing with each other experience is important. I have so much to share sometimes feel that next time I have a one day retreat at a spa right?

Meetup is a class which I must say, putting alot of efforts and you need to be accurate in information at all time. And not bias in healing methods. Sometimes u will discover the best methods for headaches, sinus and migraine. All individual problems will be noted in each GREEN class, and I will take note and send u special sms or email any day when I am free. So u are in close connections with me:> and I want to monitor good results.

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