Wednesday, August 14, 2013

People Now and Last time

In ancient time people live simply. They hunted, fished and were with nature all day. When the weather cooled, they became active to fend off cold. When the weather heated up in summer, they retreated to cool places, and they were without excessive desires. 

They live without greed and desire, stress of today.

They maintain their inner peace and focus of JING QI SHEN, concentration  of the mind and spirit.
Therefore they did not need herbs to treat internal state nor did they need acupuncture to treat the exterior.

When they are sick, they simply guided properly the emotions and spirit and redirected the energy flow.

Look above, the importance of performing breathing exercise and touch therapy and inhale aromatherapy daily will help to preserve our JING QI SHEN. 

For all these years, I work very hard trying to advise many to relax thru touch, breathing exercise with aroma. Hope u all got it:> 

My GREEN class is 22nd August 2013. Alot efffort put in to share my all these years techniques. Hope u can make it for this class

Bryan Lao Shi Restore QI exercise:

Apply healing Trees oil bottom of feet.

Lie on your back, or prop yourself up on pillows. Place a hand on your belly and the other on your chest. Push your belly out as you breathe in, feeling the hand there moving out.

The hand on your chest should stay still. As you exhale, the hand on your belly should move in.

Practice belly breathing lying down for 5 minutes at a time, two or three times a day, until you feel comfortable breathing like this naturally; then try it sitting or standing.

Touch therapy can:

    Touch Therapy Validation
  • reduce stress
  • diminish pain
  • provide an increased sense of well-being
  • boost the immune system
  • soothe mind, body, and spirit

A) Insomnia remedies:
Reiki Hand Placement Pictures
A drop lavendula and a drop grapefruit pink on palm or tissue. rub both palm.

Than touch waist line 3 mins while resting, stomach or neck shoulder.

B) Peppermint , frankincense a drop rice oil 2 drops. rub both palm. 
Attune the mind and release tension headaches.

Reiki Hand Placements

C) Feeling sad or depressed:
Healing trees oil a drop both palm. Rub palm warm.
Reiki Hand Placement Pictures

All oil are clinical grade

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