Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Skincare Code and Decode : New Generation of SKinCare

Skin, if u treat them with care and chemical free. They return you with gifts of glow and happiness.

Good skin care target, tired, fine lines and dull skin tone. If u never use chemical free product, u can try slowly. Very very minimum percentage will have allergy. So use abit a time for beginners.

Anti Age Set

Cleanser, Organic Lavender water, Antiage serum and Moisturiser: $210. (save $8).

Power Cleansing:

i)  Astiquer Antiage Cleanser , packed with herbs and flowers;
ii) Rafael Teatree cleanser, like a vaccum that end the bacteria on skin (use abit)

Anti-Ageing (DAY)

Antiage Serum: Scentless zero chemical and fragrance, packed with apple extract, tea, collagen etc.

Whitening (NIGHT)

Magwhite Serum: Main ingredients proven to whiten skin without harming skin.
WHitening, can means can, no need full range products for whitening which is no good to skin.

Hydrating: Moisturiser is moisturiser, u spend $180 to $600 for moisturiser u just pay for chemicals and advertisement

i)  Perfectionist: Gliding effects
ii) Marine Collagen: Night that pack ur skin repair, first time use abit warm because of thermal aloe juice
iii) Synergy Cream: What can I say, rose, frankincense etc... all in.


1) Detox and Lifting

Pearl White Clay Mask: Detox skin and skin facial Lift Up. Twice a week. Power ok.

2) Face and Eye Mask

Hydrating and lifting and regain radiance of skin. Even under eyes.

Special Care

1) Booster Gel: Peptides that  activate the revovery genes of skin for youth and radiance. Spped up skin recovery atoms and boosting any skincare usages.

2) Royal Blue Chamomile Oil for face and hair
All skin need some oil; Apply lavender and than apply 6 drops massage face and neck. Cover face with warm tower. Wipe excess away after 10mins. See how ur skin glow.

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