Sunday, September 1, 2013

Arrival :>

Hi rose quartz Kwa Sa Plate has arrived.

Took me a year to discuss with factory to produce. And all have raw lines and not cracked. Is so difficult to have this grade. Some waited so so long. Is arrived  le. Only 50 made.

Outside have low quality one some use chemical powder and some dull crystal le.

$28 each, only above $80 has courier. If not u pay ur own courier fee at $5 for below $80:>

NEW comers refer to how to order

Benefits of Kwa Sa plate with  Neroli Oil:

Kwa Sa with rose quartz promotes the deceleration of face tissue cells aging, preserves the gentleness and moisture of skin, and removes the pigmented spots and acne. A systematic massage will avert various face skin dermatological illnesses, as well as regulate the functioning of the inner organs.

Simple face kwa sha active points are stimulated across these meridians, thus, regulating the according inner organ functions, blood and Qi energy circulation.

The massage of the face skin gives an opportunity to directly affect the nerve ends of epidermis and accelerates their reaction. The microcirculation of the skin improves, which then allows impregnating the skin with enough level of oxygen and various nutritive elements by which the elastin and fibroblast cell regenerative abilities intensify.

Furthermore, with the help of lymphatic drainage metabolism products are discharged. It encourages the purification of the skin, the improvement of its overall state and provides antioxidant effect. The wrinkles are evened out, pigmented spots and acne are removed and a gorgeous cosmologic effect is achieved

Gua Sha is a beneficial facial rejuvenation therapy for the following face issues:
Reduces wrinkles
Firms up sagging of face and neck
Eye bags and dark circles
Promote radiant complexion
Create youthful facial and neck contours
Diminish age spots and discoloration
Facilitate lymphatic drainage from facial and neck areas Support healthy collagen.
Activates Qi
Promotes blood circulation and increase metabolism

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