Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy and Proud of U

Give Love Project Group: Donation ended le:> Thanks to all:>

Will be preparing this month for charity work.... No time red carpet le hehehhe... 
Thanks to Mr Ng for providing me some helpers... If not I one person cant buy so many.... And Give Love Project group ... Awesome
1. Light soya sauce
2. Thick soya sauce
3. Cooking oil (5 litres)
4. Condensed milk
5. Luncheon meat
6. Baked bean
7. Sardines
8. Adult milk powder
9. Assorted biscuit...
10. Cream cracker
11. Braised peanut
12. Young corn
13. Canned mushroom
14. Oyster sauce
15. Sesame oil
16. Peanut butter
17. Kaya
18. Hand wash
19 diapers, pipagao, medicated plasters

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