Thursday, September 12, 2013

Face Kwa Sa and H2O2 for tired face and eyes and mind

When you are very exhausted and face like very " CUI" ,exhausted. Even I laid down on bed, cant rest my mind .

This is YANG Energy at the eye area very stagnant and too much.

So you can do a quick face kwa sa.

Key to face kwa sa is cream and oil use on face must be pure.

Method A: Use lavender water damp on face, follow by neroli facial oil
Method B: Lavender water damp face abit, apply dragonblood gel

A and B has very different effect on face when kwa sa.

Method A: Improve qi of face and also healing the skin
Method B: Improve the texture of skin and tighten

Method exactly same as video. There are more than one way to do facial kwa sa. Method will be shared soon.

Beginners can use Neroli facial oil or Blue Chamomile oil.
before than can dap abit lavender water on face.

Than A MUST IS WARM towel on face as last step to cleanse energy.

Also Qi stagnation in face cause the face fatique look . So I do my face kwa sa with booster gel and eye cream follow by warm towel for 10mins . Face immediate glow


Power compress for radiant Skin:

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