Sunday, September 22, 2013

I overlook le

A Hospital opening mentioned:
"Bryan is at the forefront of progressive change within the fields of aromatherapy and holistic healing  as well as health education and coaching. His vast knowledge on complementary medicine and his truly caring approach has helped make him one of the most recognized herbalists in Singapore."


Long way to have that credential.
To face the world when u are new in aromatherapy (1997) can be very 残酷。 理想and passion need tonns of determinations.

In the past to convince people on natural therapy not easy.
First started in 1998, one month send 800 email to volunteer give health talk... zero reply.

Many newbies dont understand the operations and motivations behind omhealth and thought we have many staff ahaha. NO is me, mama, papa, and 2 cousins for operations.

New comers :
All courier hand pack proper by my mom and cousin. All quality products.  But Packaging is always a headache for me. I improve a lot le....

When someone ask me, how to you manage to achieve where u are now?
Where am I? I don't know....

Well I say " Everyone can achieve what they want to be or achieve if you have passion and do it everyday"
I always believe in hard work and  sincerity. And yes now recognition from many , I mean many:> Thanks:>

Not much marketing, it is through words of mouth and recovery from many that my skincare and aroma oil fame now.

Frankincense is amazing ok:.> I may sure mom and dad apply this oil direct on chest and stomach before sleep.

No matter what: Things to improve on my side

1) Handle customer politely (I can be impatience on phone)
2) Courier service (this one difficult, so far best courier in Singapore le,... post office cannot ....)
3) Website improvement for products search (building now)

After reading this hope u all can appreciate omhealth as a person of passion.... Not all is about business. I am still very lousy in PR. I treat everyone same and my problem is impatience over sms , and mobile ahaha... I am more a person talk on phone.

Omhealth involve in many area of charity too.

New comers u can read:

16 years le, no link to any media or powerful people. Is all about working hard and being sincere and direct truthfulness.

My Background:
Bryan lao shi had been studying, practicing and teaching aromatherapy for 13 years. He studied aromatherapy with Clare Andrew Australia Queensland and Maryln Brett reputable Aromatherapy and taught there part time for 3 years when he studied his Bachelor of Science (err I IEEE one hor). 

Back to Singapore he works closely with professors in TCM and western doctors on natural remedies in common illnesses . His famous remedies are sinus, leg pain, back pain and stomach problems. Plus antiageing. He once mentioned in a talk at CAAS " I will look 30 when I turn 40.... "
Hmm u all think I kept my promise? ahahh

While working as Engineer in DSTA. He spent his weekend working on aromatherapy and acupressure ... (No life right)

Within this 10 years he also helped 6 couples to have babies using natural methods.

He managed his own skin care and alternative therapy oil in Singapore in 1997. At that time, bryan sold essential oils and was advisor for 2 big aromatherapy company in Taka. (That time I blend for people one oil $50)... U can see how aromatherapy in Singapore has gone from High class to now... aiyo many low grade oil...

Lavender good one like mine can cost $50 a bottle le...

In 1998 he begin teaching his own course.  Health and Beauty with bryan which incorporated the famous Aroma Butteryfly Dance. (24th Nov Chinese workshop .... do come)

His blog Holistic Aromatherapy was published in 2006. 

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