Monday, September 16, 2013

Oil to Have when travel

Bring oil to travel is so important because it ensure a good good trip. The essential oil bottle below dripper is not meant for u one. Is for my every class sample use because it cant keep oil. So this trip I quickly bring to overseas and finish it.

Travel Oil

1) TeaTree: Disinfect or apply for pimples or boost immune system. Or gargle a drop if sore throat.
2) Lime Oil: A drop to silk cloth (Class buy a silk cloth from arab street, it helps distress only $18 forever). Than I put on pillow.
3) Blue Roman Chamomile facial Oil: Must have in aircon room whole day. Nourish skin
4) Lavender: everything use, carpet floor drip the oil 5 drops.
5) Peppermint: 2 drops on palm warm and massage neck and head and temples direct. Immediate lift u up and remove headachs.

Cleanser: Astiquer cleanser I bottled to small bottle. Is the best cleanser to bring for overseas trip because of its antipollution and cleansing power and yet gentle and full of antioxidants.

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