Tuesday, October 1, 2013

High Blood Pressure FAQ

Can I check with you,

1) how often can I use the power bath with BRB and if i use BRB with frankincense

   how many drops each?
5 drops BRB and 2 drops Frankincense in pail of water: 3 times a week.

2) Can the blend oil only to be use before sleep?  I am currently using your

sunflower slimming oil before sleep is it okay to use both oil at the same time?

yes u can:>

3) You made mentioned to drink chrysanthemum tea daily which colour please.

I am currently drinking the white one.

4)How many time a day must I press "

Ki 1: 3 mins gently"
twice maximum. Minimum once.


I tried using rice bran oil and neroli oil for my trip to Cambodia and it is fantastic.

Also the insect repellent is great am not bitten at all but some of my friends with me had bites almost everyday.

Thank you and have a great week ahead.



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