Monday, October 14, 2013

Bryan Personal Radio For YOU PART ONE

Once I asked helped from friends who have a studio to help me in recording... Sigh... u help people alot but when u need help in this world... people are just not so willing to help.

Just it is:>So , I started my recording with a CD player and a mobile with SOUNDCLOUD  APP downloaded... Is not easy to record. As u need to adjust the CD player and also move your mobile away from speaker and near to speaker.. So the far and near sound are adjust by volume or movement ahahahha.... 

I requested helps from friends who know how has a proper studio long ago but... people are just busy... .... I am a person who request help once.... and that's it and will be determined to make things happen. Every recording sweat because I lock myself with all windows closed and no fan or aircon so to have a quiet background ahahah. Enjoy the coarse recording... I think soon I will get a new sets of recording when I am less busy.

Eucalyptus: Never Give Up:>

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