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Rice Bran Oil Another Use: Lips

Rice Bran Oil

For 10 years, many many go cold countries with my rice bran oil. And come back telling me their skin compare to all who travels stay well and nice. No moisturiser can survive for cold countries and only King of Carrier Oil Rice bran oil for head to toes. JOJOBA I have but not so suitable for Asian Skin.

NB: Twice a week, after shower, I apply some rice bran oil on my body and rinse abit away. U will find true smooth.

Female, if ur cleavage lines very wrinkled please use rice bran oil daily apply. If can mix 10ml rice bran oil with 5 drops frankincense. Not only good for ur breast area and also ur cleavage. If not cleavage is ok, massage until have one.

On the label beside I have many rice bran oil articles:> read.


I use 5 drops per feet, wont be oily just nice.

If u have ugly feet: Apply 2 drops lavender oil on each feet and than few drops rice bran oil on top massage in (abit can le massage foot and wear socks) Nice feet in 1 week.

For dry lips that are constantly drying and peeling. First

A) Did u have proper diet with Fish Oil and B complex
B) Did u over apply of chemical lip balm and also keep wet ur lips with tongue?

Lips care alternate day.

Dap abit of rice bran oil on lips from your finger and than extra dap away with tissue.

Lips Mask:

few drops of rice bran oil and honey abit apply lips, leave on for 5mins and wash off gently.

Lips scrub:
Take a teaspoon of baking soda, and mix it with few drops of water. You may experiment with the quantities of these two ingredients until their mixture attains a pasty consistency.
Rub the mixture gently on lips.Once you are done, wash your lips with water. Apply a good quality lip balm or dap some ricebran oil after washing the lips. Providing moisture to the lips is very important as baking soda and water takes away the same and oils from deeper layers of your lips.
 Use this method for exfoliating lips once a week in order to keep chapped and dry lips at bay.

Neck Shoulder and Body Pain and stomach bloated:
Tell me about neck bone degenerations. I have the X ray and MRI of worst case. By right I should be taking pain killers all the time but now I seldom may be once a month. Also I was diagnose with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also gastric problems 10 years ago. All these ok now. U wan see my xray? yes still show degenerated and bone curve badly but is our mind... our body will adjust one.

What I do is apply the oil and than lie down on floor do deep breathing exercise 3mins. Breathing get oil and oxygen to body and repair. No point u massage the oil and stress.

Just a few drops of rice bran oil on palm, lavender , peppermint and marjoram 2 drops each and apply on ache area and stomach. Massage in gently.

Optional, complete with a drop frankincense on ache area and inhale all the oil from palm left over.

Rice Bran Oil and Fine Seasalt Body scrub

20 drops rice bran oil and a teaspoon of fine seasalt on ur palm. Scrub whole body gently and final rince. Super smooth.

Breast Massage

them look fuller and beautiful:
  1. Take a bath and towel dry your body. Sit at a comfortable place and apply pressure on the nipples. Press very gently.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of  blended frankincense rice bran oilon the breast and rub it gently. Spread theoil on the whole breasts. Lift your breast and apply on one breast first.
  3. Start from the crease and move towards the inner side. Massage it in upward direction. Moving the fingers in circular motion is the correct way of doing a massage. Continue this for 2-3 minutes. Let the cream get fully absorbed in the skin. You may notice the difference between both the sides in some cases.
  4. When you are done with the first side, continue the same procedure with the other side of the breast. Massage clockwise and then anti clockwise in circular directions.
  5. Massage the breasts till the cream is fully absorbed. Let both the sides be covered by the cream.
  6. Massage the other side of the breast by using the same method.
Firms and tones the breasts
    • Improves the blood circulation in the breast area
    • Provides relaxation
    • Reduces the uneasiness during the pregnancy
    • Prevents breast cancer
    • Makes the breasts look fuller
    • Improves the shape and size of the breasts

  • Since breast tissue is well-supplied with lymphatics but lack sources of external compression (such as muscles or strong overlying fascia) to promote the natural lymphatic drainage found in most other body tissues, fluid has a tendency to accumulate in the breast. The light-touch specific approach of Lymph Drainage Therapy provides an ideal solution to fluid stagnation.
Best blend

25ml rice bran oil 10 drops frankincense and 5 drops rose geranium.

rice bran oil: $45, Frankincense $45 or $90, Rose Geranium $45

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