Monday, April 21, 2014

Music Mantra Meditation and Mudra Course

Unlocking and gently allow your energy field is the key to have a dynamic creative life.
Qi is happy life force! The greater the life force the more you expand your energy field.  And u don't have to like do a lot a lot of things.


What happens when you increase your qi? You will transform your awareness and unlock your infinite potential energy.

The mystics of all cultures knew that spirituality is the union of applied science and the art of living. They discovered that we are capable of rising to a higher dimension of reality through the understanding of creative life force, energy.


Perhaps you are wondering how long you will have to practice these three special exercises to gain the benefits? Ninety minutes? An hour? No! 10mins a day.


These techniques are a perfect fit for a modern busy life style. They could become the cornerstone of your spiritual quest.

Special Guest  teacher

ADITI GOPINATHAN : My teacher in Music therapy. She will teach u a powerful sing Music.
Aditi Gopinathan graduated from the Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai in 2008 as Best Outgoing Student (Sankara Menon Award). Her initial training was under her mother, Smt. Varija Menon, also a graduate of Kalakshetra, having studied under the great carnatic vidwan Shri. M.D. Ramanathan, who was principal of the college at the time.
At Kalakshetra, she had the opportunity to study under Shri. Sai Shankar, and Shri. Hariprasad. After graduating, she decided to broaden her musical repertoire and studied Hindustani vocal music under sarangi maestro, Ustad Faiyaz Khan.
She has sung for various dance performances including a production by Padma Vibhushans, The Dhananjayans. She has also composed music for an English play which was performed in collaboration with musicians from Sri Lanka. She is also a recording artist and has sung in films and has recorded jingles for some of India’s noted brands.
She finds pleasure in music and takes pride in pursuing music-related things.

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