Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stiff Neck Again?

This 3 Oil is amazing way to release back or neck pain. Some of my friends bring a bottle of peppermint oil go to office. Sometimes emergency can apply a drop peppermint on palm and compress base of neck and inhale. It can release tension headaches

Stiff Neck

Must Buy 3 Oil. (

Does your neck feel stiff when you awaken in the morning? Do the muscles seize painfully with no warning? Does neck pain limit your physical activity and become your constant companion? 

When neck pain strikes, stretching and natural healing methods that increase blood flow to the muscles can provide neck pain relief. Strengthening exercises, proper posture and gentle stretching can prevent neck problems.

Simple neck stretch , follow by apply oil and lie down on floor lift up body and stretch hand behind. Before you apply essential oil on neck. U have a warm towel compress neck shoulder for 5mins. Wipe dry than apply oil.

What cause neck pain, one of the many reasons:
1) Air-con and wind get into the neck area.
2) Dampness trapped in body.
3) Heatiness and also cold energy enters.

First: Many who has neck pain and back pain. First thing is think of massage. Yes it works but awhile if you dont take care.


1) Must do some exercise that will increase heart beat and sweat it out.
(U can do stationary cycling two to three times a week.) Or at home do some simple aerobics.

2) 3 Oil method. Do u know minutes after I applied  3 oil  to my tired neck, many discomfort was gone!
U can apply lavendula , peppermint marjoram on palm and compress on neck shoulder. U can add some rice oil if u want. Peppermint can add to two drops.

(Pregnancy or any health condition do check with doctor)

3)Power Stretch after apply 3 oil

Below stretch many also know. But must do carefully. And bend gentle. and each position stay 20 seconds. Remember use hand support if first time doing. And dont bend too much. Is very effective.

4) My favourite herbs for Neck back pain or back pain by Grandma ( for medical condition ask doctor before take, disclaimer apply here)

Tian Qi buy from Fu Hua best. Buy best one. Than they will cut for u. U can than buy cheaper Bao Sheng to boil with it. RFemember for cooking with Tian Qi, Bao Sheng buy cheaper one like, Yi Liang Below $50 good enough.

Tian Qi:  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), aches and pains may be caused by poor blood flow. Since TianQi is believed to improve circulation, it may be used for pain relief.田七茶有调理血脂代谢的功效,对于血脂代谢紊乱等症状有一定的防治效果,另外还可以有效地预防和缓解动脉粥样硬化。

For me I take 15 gram tian qi and 5 slice bao sheng boil 2 cups water till one cup. Drink. Drink le many times pain reduce from back or joint. For me it works. Is passed down by my Grandma since young. But she put pork. I cant take pork so didnt put in.

Drink 3 days and one time can le. Not daily. Once ok dont drink. If pain lesser, means good good. And start do exercise.

Focus on magnesium intake
Many cases of neck pain are the result of muscle strains or sprains. Ask your doctor or a nutritionist about adding magnesium-rich foods or a magnesium supplement to your diet.
Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps contract and relax muscles, and a supplement may help you avoid neck muscle pain.

Almond Cal has magnesium too. Many take le neck feel better.

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