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Tops 10 Blend to be completed

(This articles was not completed so today decided to complete the two oil, Victorian Secret)

Victorian Secret: Is a special blend. The scent magically differ at differ timing and moments. It just changes accordingly thru ur mood when u put 2 drops on wrist or tissue to inhale.

Victorian Secret Oil is a blend of Violet leaf, grapefruit, petitgrain, lime and Bryan's blend. 

It strengthen, comfort and circulate the energy. COmforting and strengthen the heart. U can put direct a drop on chest massage. Victorian secret has a way of dealing with insomnia.

The oil seems to give support and strength when in need of that.

Kitchen represent health: U can have a big bowl of boiling water, 5 drops victorian secret leave it in the kitchen for 15mins or till you come home. And rinse the water to the sink.

The moment u put Victorian Secret to the water in kitchen. It represent renew of ur health. Health is so important. It represent physical health and mental health. Victorian Secret aroma oil helps in balance the energy . 

Office feeling stagnant energy? And people getting very stress up:: A mug of boiling water and put 4 drops of victorian secret . Than leave it there for 15mins and wash the mug .

Types of Blend created by Bryan

1) 5 Element oil (must have)
Physically: Tiredness and mind block and blur. Activate heart meridians. This is a good tonic for the nerves as it sharpens ones senses and encourages concentration. An effective treatment for headaches nerve disorders while having an uplifting effect on depression and fainting. 

Clear and protective. It is also very protective bringing a cleansing to home and office
when there are very negative  energies confronting one. 
This oil is the beginning first blend from omhealth. It is very strong and powerful used by many. 
And the energy build up of this oil because of the herbal blend. 

Is a very powerful environmental cleansing and it was first invented in SARS period 12 years ago. The name was call immune booster germ buster and than to flora Power 7 and now to 5 element oil.

Indeed is a oil for house to cleanse , in water to wash floor mob floor. 

2) Bryan Relaxation Blend
Physically: Dampness in body, sluggish system. Activate the Spleen meridians
Use in the bath warm water can helps to heal the inner core energy, trapped sadness and dampness
In a way it works on the outer aura and then inwards to the inner core and then to the stomach. 
If you are in tears, fatigues and no one understand you. This blend will bring relief; 
if you have hiding tears,  use this blend and press Zu San Li  will remind you 
that you need to move on. And all problems can be resolved.Remove damp energy and release stagnant Energy. It uplifts mood, drives away disappointment, and relaxes tension in the majority of people, even if they are being treated for something else. Really good for feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness .

Using Bryan relax blend 8 drops to a pail of warm water and use face towel scrub body can clear many fatigue (this method is so effective yet many lazy to try but once try... feel good and amazing)

3) Healing Trees Oil 4 Big Trees in a bottle

Lost of confidence and also need good performance in office or before meetings. Also a very healing oil specially for health preventive maintenance.

Encourageous us to be kind and gentle to ourselves, not critical or judegmental. It creates a garden in ur life for love, health and so they it can grow

It create self confidence. It help in our confidence by first relieving fear, stress, and tension that prevents us from living life in the first place. And boost our potential of healings.
In touch with nature and when u go exercise, running or garden, it can help to motivate the healing power. This oil is really very strong and powerful. Especially if always being taken granted and people see u as weak. use this oil.  It enhance creativity and compassion and enlivens inner confidence as it brings balance and harmony into your life. 

Few drops on bottom of feet and rest at night help to move the stress Ki to leg and dont bring it up to the head.

4) Aeonian Dragonfly Oil

Is like happiness in a bottle. Vortex of energy that can be used to energise house furniture and energy. It shields your passion of love and true emotion, while a tender awakening of the sensual part of ur life. Soften the heart and welcome goodness energy.

It has greatest strength is its ability to heal the physical body, soothe emotional upset, speed recovery from emotional distress, and help you to get through trying times! It can help with to calm and soothe mental distress, help manage physical health, and change the way you feel and improve the quality of your life

This oil brings in happiness to family and also if u have any jewelry or crystal u can wipe with it. This oil  seems to bring smile .

5) Miracle Love Healing Blend
Physical: Depression and insomnia too can help. Aloness and unable to communicate well. Agitation and anger.  Stomach bloated due to stress can be relase using this blend and pressing of PC6 acupressure point. Warm the emotions.

This wonderful energetic and emotional blend helps u to face daily relationship issues. Facing the underlying issue that cause one feel unlove and release it

Helps to recreate happiness and not tie down to past unhappiness or past issues.Also help your inner child to 
know that he or she is worthy of love.

A blend of this oil use in final rinse of body or in tissue and put in pockets seems to bring love to ur surrounding. When office is in harsh condition. Few drops of this oil and wipe the office table works well.

A few drops in a damp cloth wipe the house furniture seems to bring love to the family.

6) Awakening Blend (MUST HAVE)

Physical: Poor memory and also a good oil to use before meeting. Known for its ability to awakens the mind and aids concentration. Can also fight against coughs, colds and fever, 

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic and deodorizing

Awakens the beauty of your true life force and meridians. A dab from inhalation awaken all ur energy centers.
opens to give the head a sense of upward lift. The head meridians benefits with the use of this blend.
Lost of energy due to daily stagnant energy. Lost of interest at work or family. Feeling hopeless and feeling not happy. Use this blend apply temples and inhale and massage Bai Hui point.

7) Victorian Secret Blend

8) Morning Dew Blend

9) Purification Inspiration Blend (MUST HAVE)
Physically: purifies the atmosphere and supports the mind. If need to meet alot people and feel drained, quickly dab and inhale it can help. It helps alleviates stiffness, pain and swellings.
Add to washing machine can clean cloths and purify.

Clears unwanted energy that store in body and prevent the flow of vitality. It is helpful when the cause of 
fatigue is due to emotional blocks and by negative energy. Helps to purify the body and immune system, raise a person energy level. Is great oil to be in your bag, When you need to visit hospital or is viral season, dab a drop at wrist cleanse the low-level energy. Help to protect from low energy and banish
Dab some oil on your wrist. When your house dont feel like your house, use this oil diffuse for 5 days. Tissue method stick to fan for 5 days.

10) Ten Spice Up Your Life Oil
Number one anti bacteria oil. Imagine so many spices in a bottle. WHen a 2 drops with 2 drops peppermint in tissue, the scent last whole day and u can use it inhale for flu period.

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