Monday, August 24, 2015

Day One to Day 8 to 18 Years

Famous Music Bali Stretch exercise

18th Year Anniversary
30th August 2015
Four Season Hotel
Fees: $25 with mobile
report 9am, seated 930am

5 element exercise class (Power fun) and clap exercise
Fees: $60
Limit to 60 students
report 9am

I am shocked many professional statboard 高官贵人 here also, doctors, lawyers, CID depatment etc. Thankful.. So protected workshop ahaha.

2008 Bryan : I weekly Event

7 years ago, i had my first outdoor activity at City Square. That time, the talk was crowded with many people. The instant when I was on stage, I pray to God  and thankful.
I have no regrets this life that I am given such a big background to share good things that can benefits people. That was my intention from day One I given talk in 1999.
I still remember that day, I talk about tea, soup and my mom even cook a pot of chicken soup for many to taste. And I share about black fungus for health and exercises. It was a HIT.
Just a 20mins appearance took me 1 month to prepare.

After this workshop event, I was invited by many organisations for talks also. And that year was the 2nd year i resigned my engineering Job;

That time a friend told me, u given workshops for so many years, u can just reuse many topics just like some speakers, reuse in all talks. But to me, when a person spend time travel down to listen a talk, u need to be responsible.

We at all times in life should not take for granted for success and never be distracted by instant benefits. What is distracted by instant benefits?
Well example, a hawker hokkien noodle is famous for 10 years, than when passed down to the son, the son wants to earn more money, instead the simmer cooking time for prawn stock was 5mins, he reduce to 3mins so can cook more plates, or some hokkien noodle, cook a big pot and heat up when customer want. Well this is not responsible.

Everytime when I am on stage, I will think of how my Mom, and Dad , gives to the family and friends at all time with care and concern even the period when my childhood was not well to do. Thats why every moment with you, I am grateful, thank you everyone.

7 Years later (first English outdoor activity) 23rd August 2015

I tell you, the route omhealth travel is always more than people but this is ok.  I have u all and now u see group of Ang Mo for support ahaha.

The event at orchard central basement 2 was amazing. I spent 1 month plus to prepare...and up to the point to Orchard central , I am still preparing. (In my heart, i think, how to make people happy and enjoy and let us forget about worries).

Lately I was quite stress up because dealing with cancer related projects. Is depressing for me many people have cancer and sickness. So infact I sleep very little past few months. But I do breathing exercise and acupressure. And really try to think ways to include exercise that can improve health. What u all learn yesterday are very powerful. Do do do ok:>

In fact this Orchard Central talk by 8 days to me is a milestone ahahah:>

Upcoming 2 workshop

30th August 2015 18th year anniversary $25

6 September 2015 ( 5 element exercise class and Music Touch therapy)
Venue CSC, detail will email u once confirmed. $60


U will learn clap therapy. Imparted by the most famous Mdm Lan Hong Kong. On 6th September 2015 exercise class. Have u registered?

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