Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Roller Power : $18

Omhealth has 2 roller

First roller to launch was all Clarity roller 
i) Plai, Tumeric,Vetivier, Patchouli, Lavender , Rosewood, Thai Bergamot

The scent is nice but some may find spicy scent, so if give friends, u give auric roller first.

Auric Roller: Power aura fruity scent, all people will like. Auric roller is best to give friend first and than introduce them Clarity roller.

Roll on ur temples, necks and inhale from fingers (roll on it abit)

U will feel refresh.

Auric Roller

Once roller launch, in the market comes up with many branded roller . Omhealth roller continue to be the best because the recipes is amazing:>

Clarity Roller

Rose Balm: It seems to be able to release sadness and kind of tension. The scent is good to use, when u wake up middle of night and cant sleep. Put a bottle in office, u will like it. And wont end up have a stale smell later.

Rose Balm $25

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