Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Haze away with aroma clinical Oil

Haze is here so take care.
Have u start cooking the soup I introduce yesterday. Is very effective ok:>

Rose water and aromatherapy oil avaliable

3 drops lavendula Vera, 5 drops eucalyptus , 3 drops lemon oil or PAF lime ; or 8 drops purification blend or awakening blend on thin cotton stick to fan or aircon opening or purifier; is best way to kill air borne viral; twice a day will do; if u on office now, use awaken oil blend or purification blend tissue inhale last whole day.

THE TOP 3 OIL to use this period are

1) Awaken Blend : Clear sinus and mind unclog
2) Purification Blend: Purify the heart and feel better , clear the stagnant energy
3) Ten Spice oil: Prevents viruses related sickness

All avalible

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