Monday, February 29, 2016

Health and Beauty With bryan lao shi 300runs

I still can remember back in 2001, i was arranged to give my first public workshop at HDB hub Bukit Merah. That was a two hour workshop.

The organiser asked me is 2 hours too long and will people falls asleep. Thats the question people asked u when u are not "known". I guarantee no...

After the workshop, many find that 2 hours too short. I combined aroma, acupressure, color and music therapy. And from then, they introduce me to other statboard.

Back in 90s and 2000s. There are alot of good speakers in natural therapy and they are just there to teach u with passion. Many retired already. Now many companies dont organise much talks, and normally they want free talk from some stat - Board and many fall asleep even is half hour talk.

I still remember a herbalist called mdm Chin, she will carry with her a hot water flask and many fresh herbs to a class and teach. Her passion inspired me in 1998.

For those who are in HR or organise recreation for ur staff. Try to organise good talks for ur staff. And look at the benefits. Many talks although are free but is with alot of hidden agenda.

For my class, i teach all I can and all of u will walk away with skills in 2 hours (thats my motto ).

Health and Beauty 5th March 

Nature has blessed us with incredibly effective army of herbs and fruits to handle the nasty virus and weather which invade our human immune system

With proper nourishment, balance of emotion and mind, we can build a strong defense against disease like cancer, diabetes and influenza.

The use of aromatherapy, drinking of tea, herbs and breathing exercise and working with grounding meditation (non religious) helps alot. Well u will learn on this 5th march 2016.


This is a class and repeated number 300 times ahahah:> And yes everytime i am fill with passion and excitement to share with u and remind you about natural therapy.

For companies if u want me to go to ur company to give seminar. My fees is $2000 to $2500 now . and u can use this brochure for publicity.

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