Saturday, March 12, 2016

Other people's product (if u come across good thing or doctors, share with me , or Tuina)

Sharing time:

Blog has this sharing time which share other people product which are sincere and good quality;

Not spokesman but independent, really use myself than share.

Also if u have good food, tui na master, TCM doctor etc to share with me, email me

Omhealth has few thousands followers, i only share things that i personally tried.

I think many who knows me, i introduce other people's product if is good.

This patch on really good for detox, or indirectly improve sleep or feel better feeling second day

There are many in the market. But this one partically i tested ahhaha, is good quality.

If not u try  different brand u will know this one quality.

People report feeling more energized, lighter, more mental focus, and an improved mood. But again,  need try la, if it works it works. And also this Singapore brand safe. 
I wont get from the Chxxx or Japxx brand or the $2 brand. If u check daiso also cost $2 one set and this one cheaper and much more higher compare to Dsasooo.

I understand that soles has  8000 nerves ending and in a way this patch works and i find many find noticeable changes in

  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Promote health & well being
  • release inflammation
So far i find it feels good. Whether pain ah or extract dirt from body I cant tell yet .

But some students use le say knee not so pain and body feel "lighter".

I think is not expensive why not try.?

I think patch on is good. Got many other brands u decide urself i not sales.

But now this one has promotion:

Product Name: VitaRealm Detox Foot Patch 10’s
    Usual Price: $13.90/box, 

    Promotion Price: $10.90/box + Buy 6 Free 1 (Only limited period)

    Order to send to:

    Payment method Cash on delivery or fund transfer (account number will be advised
when order is placed) 

    Delivery: $6 or Free with purchase of 6 boxes and above 

Any question ask them ok not me:>

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