Monday, March 28, 2016

Tea Hot weather

Bryan Lao Shi Weather Hot Herbal Cool body tea (yet not cooling until leg soft type)
Drink a cup can le once a week.

枇杷叶 15gram (good for throat, not cooling and remove heatiness, good for early stage cough recovery) thirsty and anger
桑叶 15gram ( eyes clearing and liver nourishment, headaches)
玉竹头 15gram (nourish lungs and lubricate the body)养阴,润燥,除烦,止渴。

甘草10gram (harmonise all herbs and so not cooling injured body)
金银花 10gram (remove viral)
red dates 2 (further bryan lao shi method to make the tea all can drink)

Disclaimer: I disclaim is my tea and if u have health issues concern or pregnant etc , u ask ur doctor before u drink.  Do not sms me health issues as we cant provide info. Not sure ask ur TCM doctor.
Disclaim until dont disturb me until u cannot blame us for any issues. Is a sharing recipes. 

Boil all in a pot of water like 2 litres for 20mins. Drink when cool.

Best Oil to use this period

1) Auric and Clarity Oil roler
Those who get 5 bottle of roller will have extra free (if we forget inform us ok, u can order 5 bottle from shopping cart we will add)

2) Rose balm before sleep

3) Spice oil , peppermint, eucalyptus.

Skin will sag de this weather , so rose mask and face and eye mask important.

rose water and lavender water put in fridge and use cotton compress face good.

Past 2 months, I have a chance to work with some youngster on some projects.

They are like 15 years my journey. I think in late 20s and early 30s.

It brought to my concern that, nowsaday youngster dont really take care of their health. Sometimes they have pain, they will just leave it.

First I observe what they eat;
1) They only choose to eat what they like
2) They have not much knowledge or almost zero to health care.
The nearest thing they know is barley water. But cant tell english barley and chinese barley.
To them cooling water is bottled one . Their max knowledge is Chrysanthemum tea but dont know right way to brew.
3) Out of concern as a parent u tell them not to eat certain food or indulge in fast food but they dont care.
4) they are lack of good greens cooked. The raw green food is a trend but is not good at all. Greens for Ang Mo is they accompany with meat. But alot youngster, just have greens as lunch or dinner. Girls u going to suffer in future and guys....... too.
U can eat raw vegetables but in a right way. CHinese way of stir fried vegetables is much more better.
5) Using of aromatherapy may be some trend for youngster. But are u working with essential oil for MLM gain or true knowledge. Oil and aromatherapy are energy products. The intention correlates with the intention of the seller or user. A bottle of lavender oil works different when apply to different people.
I am in aromatherapy for 20 years now. I still keep a low profile in it as those who use them will know the freshness.I have friends in aromatherapy business of different brand but yet we get together as a son and daughter of mother earth to improve ourselves.
People in natural therapy business if talk bad about others brand with no respect.... luck very jia lat one.

Tell u the truth looking at the speed youngster abuse their health with improper diet and exercise and indulging in phone and screens.


1) Their eyes will aged faster
2) Their skin can no longer be nicer than u, if u dont believe u look at ur skin texture is better than many younster
3) Although  their eyes now is sharper than u but they going to deteroiate faster
4) Neck shoulder pain will be so common. U still remember when u are in ur 13 15 where got neck shoulder pain. I was shocked to see kid of 8 years old parents bring them to tui na for neck pain.
5)  Compassion part and think for elderly part for youngster need to be cultivated. Too ego and wanting to success and cant take failure is the weakness of youngster. But again there are group of youngster doing good ( I see how some of my students educate the youngster good values."

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