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Last Time and Now

Health Care 80s and 90s and now.

Back in the 80s and 90s, health care and supplements or skincare are very basic and simple. Even organic food taste better that time (i am not a organic food lover, i eat food that are fresh and free from pesticide)

I still remember in 80s the main supplements i will have once a bluemoon was HI C: Vitamin C back in 80s this is so popular and we do take sometimes ahahhaa.

And now is still around. I think this vitamin C also not bad if not cant be last time till now. Even I have goji C , i encourage u all try other brands.

I dislike some brands, say theirs so good and everyone things no good. I come across a MLM says, their pills supplements good and outside all pills no good. And say fresh food best and when I ask

if fresh food best, can i just eat vege and fruits fresh. They say" oh , nowsaday food no more fresh".

How irresponsible le this words.

Being in healthcare line for 19 years. I just want to tell u: Keep things simple, eat all kind of fresh food and unprocessed food.

Coke can drink may be once a bluemoon. Mood and emotion is the key to good health.

Brands Chicken Essence:
Best tonic and i must is really safe and natural. No other brand can take place. I always tell many who are totally burn out take some chicken essence for 3 consecutive days.
I think is very good.

 Picture taken from website thank u

When I was young , i am totally drawn to herbs, cooking and natural therapy. Partly i was so easily sick when young.

Back to the Basic

A) Cooking few times a week, even no time but if u can make some tea drink daily or simple soup few times a week, is best. I rather if u can cook more soup than take more of Goji C (although very natural). I prefer u take more fresh fruits. Goji C cannot replace fresh food vege fruits .

B) Simple acupressure daily with aroma oil will bring balance to body.

I suggest u have my basic oil ( 8 Essential  since 1998)

Lavendula , Peppermint, Marjoram, Grapefruit Pink, Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Lemon Oil,Tea tree Oil
All are so fresh ( how u know, imagine customer with u since young till matured still using this basic oil)
Lavendula is so useful if skin have some out break i will damp a cotton with lavender water and 2 drops lavender oil on cotton and compress those inflamed skin.

Acne, I 3 days direct lavender abit with cotton bud follow by layer of aloe gel.

Body is full of meridians, the pure essence of aromatherapy and acupressure seems to help flow of meridians.

Without fail since 1998 i use aromatherapy oil daily till today. And I am Ommm Young ahahhahaha. Errr .... Ooops

Lately need to go on a TV show on beauty. Someone says, bryan do u want to go for some botox and filler as our media doctor is free for artiste..

I totally say no.  I mean how u feel a Wellness guru selling natural product and face tight like botox... Not convincing. I still dont know how many years I can HOLD DE ZU. But with my massage and accu and soup i will plus my dragonblood gel.

As I aged, frankincense is my daily one drop oil to end my skin care rountin. For me, after apply rose water, serum and moisturiser.

I will put a drop frankincense on palm and rub both palm till warm, than inhale and slap my face gently and press on lines area.

Below article from a website

  • News:  A 2011 research says Frankincense oil produces cellular apoptosis (cellular death) in human leukemia cells! A chemical constituent in Frankincense is currently being studied for its promising potential to induce cellular death and inhibit cancer cell proliferation in ovarian, liver, breast, bladder, lung, and brain cancers.

In Singapore instead of moving forward in Aromatherapy we are moving backwards. Fragrances like those perfume sticks are called aromatherapy here.  Real aromatherapy is using only pure fresh essential oil.

Many dont understand the meaning of selling essential oil Now aromatherapy business is all from Mother Earth energy. If u have only $$$$ intention, will not go far.

So now u know why, Businessman A and Businessman B sell same essential oil but seems Businessman A , works better.

Well is vibrational energy of the seller. If u are a kind heart person and when u sell aromatherapy oil with love and care, the energy is great.

For me now, 3 times a day, apply healing trees oil at ankle and walk this stones slowly.

Cancer Prevention:
To prevent cancer, well sometimes also dont know how why it pop up even for someone who is healthy and proper diet.

I think what we can do is to prevent and face it.

A) Remove dampness in Body at all times, Simple tea like barley  etc is amazing
Nepal Bryan Ginger is good 2 slice a day drink

B) Release Liver stress: Stress and anger cause liver block and unable body to detox.
So do some liver detox exercise i taught and acupressure like Tai Cong Point.
Goji C good 3 times a week. Peony White tea is good

Also I make herbal tea like 夏枯草,菊花,金银花 tea

25th September 2016

Bryan Lao Shi  personal boost immune  prevent cancer food:

Dark cherries
Kelp juice
Ginger water
White tea
Artichokes and fennel bulb
Tumeric powder
Maiteka mushroom boil Water
cooked tomatoes
tumeric powder

Fuling tea


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