Monday, May 23, 2016

A letter from my oil to me.

Time flies, this year will be the 18th year anniversary for this first generation essential oil

Profile: omhealth consider low profile in aromatherapy business. We seldom adverftise or mass marketing. If u notice in my workshop i spend less than 10mins talk about my products and just share on health techniques.
Thats why some customer with me 10 years still unsure how to use some skincare ahahha luckily lately i notice and produce the website product details.

Hehehhe today my oil write a letter to me:>

Oh lately i keep using coconut oil for body and face sometimes, gosh the skin wake up really nice nice!!! please try le.

Little history of the oil:

Lavendula vera: Imparted by a famous aromatherapist and was used in elderly home extensively with rosemary (that time our volunteer has HDB hub staff also)
The scent depends on season will be of different smell.

Peppermint  ( Inspired by chinese herbs that seems to move wind and circulation in body)
Rose geranium (taught by ABN Bank a old lady who suffer from cancer, use this oil with carrier oil and frankincense, latest research in taiwan used by cancer patient to emotion balance)
Rosemary Spanish ( once i did a volunteer work and use this oil on a dementia client and works well, is now a important oil for study when blend with lemon grapefruit rose geranium)
Grapefruit Pink ( Wonderful oil i use in Australia when I studied there)
Eucalyptus Radiata ( once a teacher taught me this eucalyptus is special grade which wont aggrivate asmathic)
Lemon ( inspired by japanese that use this oil to boost immune system)
Mandarin ( once in 2002, a gift from a friend where the oil totally bring calmness and like chinese new feeling)
Marjoram (from stomach issues to colic to high blood pressure and muscle aches, )

If u notice this few bottles of oil the label didnt change since 1998. Except the quality of label improved.

Back than these oil are used for my blending service only. Where people tell me their issues and blend accordingly for them at Takashimaya one of the aromtherapy shop. This are of highest grade. But in 2001 they start to be sold in the market. Till today to have preserve the memory of how aromatherapy was founded I insist to stick on this label even it didnt meet the standard of labelling of putting which country or etc.
(But all oil has gone thru two Australia test of Cofa and Msds).

I can change the label anytime I want but i didnt want to. Because the label was designed and drawn free by a local designer mr Hsu and also to me, packaging is a look. If ur quality inside no good, people will know soon.

All oil are great, even TCM and some Qi gong master compliment on my oil. :>

Thank You Oil :>

Full range of oil at

Omhealth has many oil testimonials but i really no time to publish ahaha

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