Friday, May 6, 2016

Filial Piety

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Writing and reading a book and emotion balance.

Well, the reason why I have a workshop coming up on book read is to encourage people to read and write again.

Reading and writing is very different from reading from smart phone. (photo from here)

When i tell those in 20s about that, they cant relate. But if u are in your 30s and 40s.... 50s.... 60s... u should get back the habit of reading and writing.

Remember our time in school before assembly, we have a 10mins book read session. Or at school before lessons start, everyone, need to borrow a book from library and we read in class with our FORM teacher. Plus writing  a summary of the book u read.

Reading and flipping of book, is therapeutic. It can balance alot of body organs and eyes is related to liver meridians, reading can help to reduce anger in body and promote good health. Writing exercise the Ki and energy of body so there is a smooth flow.

Tell u alot also no use. If u can go and get a good book , read for `15mins, than write a paragraph on how u feel end of week.

U will find that ur obstacles in life, ur worries, ur stagnation will be cleared.

Below is a passage about filial piety, u can try to write tonight in ur note book. Feel the feeling. U will have alot of emotion flows going on. Use Beautiful Love Miracle blend on ur wrist before u write. See how it works. If u dont have this oil, u can use lavendula vera and grapefruit pink too.

Above is non religious but poems on filial piety:> I will explain more in noon time:>

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