Thursday, May 26, 2016

Heart and the Mind

Today I want to share with you

Mind and Heart :> Be a heartful person.

I find alot of people use too much mind. Many times when things happen, we starts to think of defence and negative area. Sometimes when in office,u lost something, instead thinking u lost , u think that someone stole ur things.

When I was younger time, I always hear people says listen to you heart. And I wonder what does that mean? Listen to your heart? But why everytime my heart say somethings , my action may turn out different?

Mind is always busy when heart wants to say something.

Mind is always afraid of one thing, that is your heart. WHY?

(Do u remember there are times, when u want to say something in ur heart but mind takes over and say other things . Example, ur heart already forgive ur friends and u should be saying the forgiveness words and let everything ok, but u mind is like bu不甘心(go against ur heart) and say otherwise and worsen things)

In an actual body system; Mind should be the Servant and Heart should be the Master. But many imes the mind "no big no small" and want  to become the Master. ANd the heart which should be master, dont want to interfere or cant be bother. And allow mind to remain the master.

But the mind is aware that which is the actual master, so  any moment, heart wants to say something, a fear arises in the mind to stop the heart from further action.

Mind is afraid love , trust and any thing to do with the heart.

In fact heart is naturally the master. Why does heart remaind quiet in many . Because the heart is born to be master and too kind and allow mind to be pretent master. But a servant is a servant. That is why the heart always want to say something, the mind create chemical to make u feel sick,

The mind always want the person to be heartless. So heart can never become master again.

But people who have a good character and cultivate good pratice of kind heart and mind development. People do escape from mind . ANd become heartful

I think now I have better understanding of what is listen to your heart,

When there is fear and sadness in ur thoughts just tell yourself, ur mind is trying to be the master. And the real master is the heart.

Practical ways:

How to balance the energy of mind and heart?

Scent works in a way to balance this energy.

Items that works:

When ur mind and heart starts to feel troubled: apply victoria secret on ur chest and neck  and relax. See how it dissove the fear away.

Use rosewood oil at bottom of feet sometimes when u lack of ideas and see how it balance.

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