Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Neck SHoulder body aches

NB: Omhealth promotes aromatherapy and if u have other brand oil, also can use this method. Remember my main purpose is to encourage u to use good oil for health.

Now the weather resulted many to have neck shoulder and body aches.
The damp energy etc may worsen the aches and fatigues

Do use the 3 oil method:
(blog right side 3 oil method many stretch are good)

Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram and some coconut oil on palm and massage neck shoulder and stomach.

Stay at B for 20 seconds and slight stretch.
If can proceed to C

Do and let me know. I do le very good. Before do, apply 3 oil

Dampness can be reduce by using bryan relax blend few drops with coconut oil on tummy.

This COconut oil is very good:>

Omhealth has 3 carrier oil: Rice bran oil, Coconut oil and Jojoba oil.

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Alot of time many has pain because didnt do deep breathing exercise. Now if u are reading this sentence now, do 5 times deep breathing to stomach hold breath for 3 seconds and release. U will be surprise......

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(white peony bark)白芍药3g, (dried honeyed liquorice)灸甘草3 g, 粉葛 a piece,赤小豆 2 tablespoon, omhealth Dried ginger 3 slice

Put all ingredients in pot of water boil for 30mins small fire.

Very good for body aches, dampness. ANd is a tea:> Drink 2 cups will do.
Neck shoulder and tension tightness, headaches also can find relief. is roots and beans very good.

Inhale some peppermint oil from tissue when drink, u find it very good:>

We are having another project this Thursday for elderly:> Busy busy le:>

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