Monday, July 4, 2016


Many people when see this bottle, may think is a sleeping pill or supplements. I think the packaging ba.
Now remember ur Pipa Gao 3 legged brand, in the market has the best quality medicine in each bottle. And many of u tasted and know. Infact this company was so careful with their herbs powder in pipagao , they use the highest quality herbs. If u taste other brand pipagao u know the diff.

When talking about sleep , stress and insomnia. I want to suggest this brand . Now I am not the spokesman for this brand. Part of omhealth is to introduce good vitamins to all and neccessary one.

I find this is good for sleep issues. Or when that day u back home very stress from work. Take a few before sleep.

I have a careful research of this , the capsule inside is infact herbs powder and not chemical. So u taking pure herbs.
Personally during the TV show recording period , when i reach home late and mind still active, i take this pill when I have no time to boil sleep herbs:>

For people always anxiety and stress u can take this after dinner.  It is a non-addictive herbal product with the complementary of both Chinese and Western sleep-aiding botanicals. The ingredients work synergistically to improve your sleep pattern naturally. You won't feel drowsy or groggy the next morning!

wuling Sheng is a herb that is consider royal family herbs and it has no poison. Currently in the market there are many herbs good for calming mind and sleep. But only one brand 3 leg brand has this highest quality Wu Ling Shen.

It helps: 安神;降血压。主失眠;心悸;

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