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Foot Care and heel pain (2012 revamped2016)

Below combines 6 years article to a page so abit long. see the video behind.

I had both heel pain 10 years ago and it was so bad and I almost feel despair awhile what to do even number of specialist and heel sole i make (cost alot).

In the end I use oil method and also stretching and eating lingzhi to recover

[ This article is not for marketing, is really to help people with heel pain ] U can use any essential oil brand.

I feel must have

lavendula vera, peppermint , marjoram and lemongrass oil to end it. Dilute with carrier oil like rice bran oil, or olive oil etc.

Success Stories:

Heel pain and Spurs has been my problem back in 2010 due to over exercise and also wearing wrong shoes and take too much cooling Juice (because research take sour balong long daily)

What has saved me is bonecare supplement  supplements (many brand has with frankincense one) and also lingzhi (choose ur own brand) and also massage .

( now u can choose Han TCM calcium , it has myrrh and frankincense and also the lingzhi, but pharmacy also many brands u choose urself ok_

Also using of the insole from Unity (no need customed made because is $300 $400 , end up i didnt wear ahahah , Uncle went 2 specialist, end up Unity one is best (imparted by one specialist).

Decided to compile 2012 --- 2016 article and video into one so to benefits more people on heel, ankle pain recovery.
Singapore weather is dampness, alot people have leg and heel and knee pain. By learning early tips, prevention is best:>

HEEL PAIN recovery

1) Apply purification oil direct on the heel and wear socks to sleep (if skin sensitive dilute with a drop rice bran oil
2) Perform Calf stretch as shown below (calf stretch must be 3 times a day, each time 30 seconds each leg repeat 3 times)
3) Do the video massage.
4) Change ur shoes to better brand

Within 1 week u can see good improvements

My mission now is to travel to different clinics to share:> And hope people listen and accept this simple methods.
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My key Advice:

A) Remove dampness once a week with remove dampness tea, use Bryan relax blend foot bath 2 time a week
B) Avoid cold food
C) Stretch daily calves see youtube many stretch and go to a good foot reflex
D) Use 3 oil daily massage calf and legs before sleep and weAR SOCKS (good socks).
E) press the acupressure 三阴交穴daily.

See a western doctor for a scan xray, and a chinese TCM too.

My personal experience
Western doctor will always ask u go foot specialist and talk to them hor is 3mins $200 and than make the insole is $500 (i have but never wear too hard). End up i make $300 insole from those cart on sole at Plaza Sing (end up also didnt wear too uncomfortable) End up i wear NEAT brand or scholl brand.

Doctor insole cannot wear too long may be few hours a day , wear too hard insole also no good.

heel pain in TCM is:



Especially if u are stress and tired, and once home u shower cold water , ur feet daily accumulate dampness. And once it happen, heel pain is overnight one and months to recover.

Image result for heel pain
Can u believe this guy both heel has spur and xray and scan by Candemen Medical and see Many doctors, specialist, physio and whatever u say I tried... 10 years ago. I was so stress because alot of my work need to jumb and move.... i so upset that time. Lucky I meet up with expert from different fields of studies and come to this method.

Heel Pain and he Plantar Fascia is a thick band of tissue running along the foot bottom and connecting the heel bone to the toes. Now this is when the tissue have pain and inflammation. And this inflammation cause pain heel side

To a western doc, we work on fighting inflammation, for TCM we work on circulation, for a natural therapist we work on mind state to overcome as it takes time.

But for omhealth, we combine all the above into one ahhaha. U see if all this profession can work togther , alot illnesses can be reduce.

U cant imagine my both heel also have spur. But how i recover? and now can jump run and walk.

Above socks doesnt work for me but, quality is good, buy one and last forever and ahahhaha when apply oil wear hor, very comfy.

Heel Pain, Ankle Pain to me they are in relation

And only by

1) rest
2) Anti inflammation
3) Good support
4) Foodcure
5) Stretching
TCM accupuncture legs and arms area is powerful combine with chinese herb powders for 2 weeks.
can recover,

Heel pain and spur and Plantar problems is common now. Poor diet, stress and poor body Ki movement may happen to anyone.

Image result for wear sock for foot sleep
I wear socks to sleeep for heel pain area, a drop Purification oil good.

Heel pain can also result in Tendonitis, side ankle pain.

Image result for side heel pain

Background of omhealth Heel research
I have two heel pain and bone spur ten years ago and may need operation. I spend so much money and research in physio, chiropractor, Doctors, foot specialist, TCM. End up I find a cure. And i am sharing here, but those who do not have essential oil , can use any Chinese Medicated oil ba. My main purpose is to share and hope u recover from heel pain.

Oil we use for heel or pain are (lavendula vera, peppermint, marjoram, Purification Oil blend). And I am sharing my experiences here in treating heel pain.

Supplements i suggest u take full dosage for 2 months (ask doctor for u have doubt)
Lingzhi method for heel pain was imparted by  medicine woman in Malaysia, She imparted to me using lingzhi for heel pain recovery. Must take normal good lingzhi (not cracked spores) and follow dosage, finish a bottle or 2 , ur heel will fully recover when combine with the masssage.

1) 3 Oil Lavendula vera Peppermint and Marjoram with (lotion or rice bran oil) massage legs.
2) Before sleep, apply a drop Purification blend heel pain area and wear socks to sleep
3) Diet: Avoid cold and sour food for 2 weeks
This 1 month take:

1) Han TCM calcium or Greenlife brand at guardian , aiya choose ur own brand as long with boswella
3) Lingzhi simple type (follow the instructions from the box)
4) Stretch calf stretch each legs 30 seconds each leg but 3 set, twice a day
5) Change to fitflop shoes and slippers this period and wear slippers at home
6) Deep breathing exercise to heel daily is good.
7) Heel spur, buy the scholl and put back of shoes
8) Sports shoes change to the insole for knee and heel pain

Omhealth has done extensive researched on Heel and Ankle pain issues for past 5 years and with good results

2012 to 2015 : Received more than 34 email on heel pain recovery using omhealth method.

 I really hope doctors or TCM doctor and western doctor can see the video and use this massage for the heel pain patient and give them the right suggestion.
Sometimes when i See how TCM doctor cure heel pain, the put needles on certain locations but if they combine with some points pressing is better.

2016 Latest news: A temple lady she walk barefooted in temple for many years until lately develop heel pain. So I show her the video and ask her daily apply Purification Blend 2 drops at heel and wear socks before sleep. And it works.

A lady went steroid injection in 2013 but pain comes back after 9 months and before she go for second injection she tried my massage method, stretch and diet and works wonder. She can run now and no need go for injection. Because steriod injection maximum can go 3 times. And now Yoga le.

Omhealth Steps in Heel Pain:

Supplements when heel pain:
1) Calcium With frankincense(boswella) in it.
Latest I found a good one this calcium has frankincense and plantbase. (bonecare http://eshopforhealth.com/ I am not spokesman, as long as u found any brand with boswella u buy and plant base calcium)
2) Lingzhi supplements for 1 month (follow full instructions) normal type (no need cracked spores)
3) Use aroma oil like
Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram, with rice oil massage calves. Purification oil apply heel wear socks. (socks use ebene brand). Key to recovery is the massage video below.
4) wear insoles and get a sport shoes where the back is hard.

What Insole I use?

Image result for neat insole
This are the things I have when I had heel pain last time.
The top one is for heel spur problem when first occur very painful when walk and this cusion is introduce by a friend who is a specialist in heel spur pain. Works wonder and is just an insert to ur shoes. The Second one is a 3/4 insert. But end up i bought the full length one. 

And now in my sport shoes i remove their insoles and use a full insert.

Buy the ebene socks, the reason is keep ur foot warm before sleep and also apply purification oil at heel pain area so when wear socks can absorb in.

Shoes, u need to buy those the back of shoes is hard not soft. And insole invest in a insole that is below $45 good enough. Scholl last time have now may be other brand. Super heel pain, u buy heel cups gel powerful.

Also I use scholl that time but now whether have anot or other brand have anot i dont know.Massaging Gel Heel Cushions

Heel Pain Method ONE(video in 2012)

Once upon a time

Mr gan
Left foot inflammed, Right also heel inflammed and spur.

See TCM, Specialist, Foot specialist...no cure. Need steroid or operations.

Spend thousands and thousands... In the end cure in Thailand just one time... Now share with all in the two videos shown.Hi all. A client who has heel pain recovered:> Please take care: First buy the scholl biomechanics rubber 1/4 insole than do this massage

1) Get a good insole (Scholl biomechanics ,NEAT)
2) Calf Stretch
3) Power massage (lite)

Oil Used: Lavendula, marjoram, frankincense, peppermint and purification blend
Model: Cousin's Leg.
Congrats Jessica recovers from HEEL PAIN.

massage need to do below and the next post. So total 2 videos must follow.

Stretching is important.
And this to be done 3 times a day each leg 30seconds than it works.
Stand about an arm's-length from the wall.

  • Lean forward and place both hands on the wall about shoulder width apart.
  • Extend one foot (the side to be stretched) behind you with heel on the ground and one foot closer to the wall.
  • Lean into wall with your hips until you feel a stretch in the calf of the extended leg.
  • Hold this stretch for about 30 seconds and change sides.

  • Oil use: :Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram and Frankincense and Purification Oil

    Heel Massage Gentle. No time to finish video. After that must massage the calf side of each legs and also back of calf to release any sore knots.

    Disclaimer: Seek medical doctor for help. I am just sharing here. Please take note and disclaim or claims.

    Below is calf massage. Instead of cream, u can use 15 drop rice oil, 3 drop of LV, PP, MAR and after finish massage a drop frankincense.

    2012 Article:

    The herbs is powerful :

    U go medical hall:田七blend牛膝 $6 boil water and drink 2 cups and for 3 days

    Doctor's Antiinflammation drugs, u can check with ur doctor can have a 90mg Arcoxia antiinflammation pain killers. I personally do not like pain killers although there are certain condition when these are must but we can avoid pain killer with the help of painkillers. Rheumatic Leg pain can be treated with acupressure quite easily. Prevent and Maintenance wont regret.

    Each day I have so many email telling me about leg issues. I share with them
    1) Calcium (plant base must eat but no need overeat) ( bone bone bone, u need)
    2) Lingzhi normal one (pill form) few times a week. (Tone all organs)
    3) Tumeric powder  mix water drink 3 times a week. (natural reduce inflammations)

    Disclaimer: disclaimer of the disclaim... read beside. (my friend teach me must put disclaimer if not sometimes introduce eat rice,that person allergy to rice also complaint ahahha)

    Drink this tea twice a week. But if got leg problems, drink daily for 5 days. If lazy medical hall just buy Niu Xi and Tian Qi $5 and boil half hour. Two cups a day for 3 days, recommend for any leg pain.

    Twice a week drink this tea is good for legs. Also those suffers leg related problems is good to drink.

    U need go HDB medical hall buy ; Branded medical hall won't sell u.

    1) 牛膝10-30 g、(u sometimes tell them $5, they don't know gram, u buy $5 a lot and go home weigh la)
    This root herbs famous to move Blood and Qi to leg area.
    Strengthen kidney and heal leg pain and knee cant stretch problems. But I feel is good for drinking to prevent. If that evening you drink already, u use some rice bran oil on palm and put lavendula vera, peppermint and marjoram massage both legs. U can see good effects. End with 2 drops frankincense on bottom of feets.
    2)田七 5 gram
    3) 干木瓜 10 gram (add to 15gram if u have leg cramped problems)

    This is such a grandmother recipes but , I think by your generation u will totally forget. End up pay some fake TCM $$$$ for a simple ingredients which pains me to see that is the trend now.

    Put all ingredients in 600ml water slow boil for 40mins ba.
    Drink twice a day for 2 days.
    Best timing to drink : 5pm to 7pm.

    Follow by leg massage or acupressure with 3 oil (lavendula, peppermint and marjoram and rice oil more drops so smooth transition of the blend to the legs. Powerful way.

    I have upgraded to replace lotion with 15 drops rice oil on palm than put the 3 oil.

    I tell u when u drink at this timing, qi starts to move to leg at highest force. Than massage legs at evening with the 3 oil and rice oil. U can see improvements in legs problems.

    End with frankincense/purification oil a drop on base of foot.

    New 3 oil for legs method

    15 drops rice bran oil on palm, 3 drops lavendula,3 peppermint and 3 marjoram on it. Than mix apply both legs. Than massage one leg at a time, slowly look for any sore area and gentle kneading. Than apply frankincense at the bottom of feet.
    massage both legs with the blend.

    Personal Views
    Have a strong legs singaporean:
    Ur whole life work so hard so dont let leg pain affect u

    My heart very pain when i see elderly have heel pain and cant walk. And do u think they have the money to see specialist? They dont. So i invented massage method and donate medical oil to Elderly home.
    Singapore has too many doctors TCM or western, if all can seat down and discuss and compile a remedies prevention, that will be great. So far none doing that and omhealth role Mr Bryan Lao Shi is doing that. Not easy. But I will try my best

    Elderly in Singapore

    her heel pain recover alot, this indian aunty is 70 plus, last year when i go volunteer work, she cant walk much and now alot better after i teach her the massage.,

    Lately I have also advice many elderly. Sometimes i visit different TCM doctor for research, and i am surprise when they suggest on heel pain is just put needles on few common points. It will be great if the TCM doctor can advice people to do

    1) Stretch calves
    2) Wear insole
    3) daily massage legs.

    When I visit western doctor for research, they always say no cure need injection steroid and give pills and refer to foot specialist and make the $600 insole

    It will be useful if they care and concern and suggest heel insole, stretch and non surgical treatment.

    I always ask u to do this eat this and that are all simple method. So whether u wan follow up to u

    My Latest Blend 2017 Blend for aches

    Heel pain or bone spur. Apply

    Purification blend direct 1 -2 drops foot before sleep . Also use 3 oil method massage calf and foot.

    FOr details video, visit www.bryanomhealth.blogspot.com, search under the label heel and foot

    Or Bryan Wonder Power heel pain/back pain foot pain blend:

    4 drops Purification blend
    4 drops Lavendula vera
    4 drops Peppermint
    4 drops Marjoram
    4 drops Healing Trees Oil
    4 drops Frankincense (optional)
    4 drops Spice Oil
    25ml / 15ml rice bran oil or Omhealth Coconut or Jojoba oil

    Rub the blend on the location as often as you can think of it. If u do daily, many chronic aches will feel better and recovery 9, 21, 30, 60 days. Some results are seen quickly, even immediately upon first application. Some take more time [even up to a year]. The best thing to know is it works! Be patient…for all bodies are different and they all have their own schedule for healing.


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