Thursday, November 10, 2016

Power of Ding Oil

This is omhealth 11th Blend. This is a wonderful creation that sort of calm the mind in 1 minute and stop spiral thinking:>

U can try put 2 drops in cotton. and fold it inhale. Than Press the Ying Dang. It calm u down immediately within 2 mins. And do deep inhalation.

Especially if u anger.......   and mind not in clear state u can use this oil, effect quite immediate good.

Share with u which point for what effect

Tai Yang: Compress left and right 1 min: Clear over stress
Yin Dang: COmpress cotton 1 min and do inhalation clear overthinking
Tian Tu: Clear poor immunity
Tanzhong: Clear heart heaviness issue.

This is a wonderful ol and we have a feedback from client today:>

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Event: 19th Nov 2016

( Is amazing omhealth has been asked to go to all new mall since 2009, from City Square, Suntec new mall, Bedok Mall, Compass ONe and One KM.... must be heng heng of yellow shirt student:)

 I will be at ONE KM mall to give a talk for 40mins at 4pm:>
so for my usual Yellow shirt students, u can register to collect marble if u are attending from Cindy (is my gesture to thank u). Also 5 element oil order can email to collect that day only with free Big yellow marble.
Purpose for omhealth register is for cindy pass marble to yellow shirt students or students registered and not for the 2pm show. So if u arrive near 4pm stand around the stage ok.

Niam again:
Remember the show starts 2pm, if u want a seat u need to register Iweekly urself from the email
to ; i only appear 4pm. So 2pm is for other people talk.

with name, mobile and nric number and title put (iweekly event 19th nov talk, ONekm)

Below is for 5 element oil collect from Cindy for those who want to buy $38 that day exact passs to Cindy

Below is for all attendees coming who register at will be given one NEW

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