Thursday, January 12, 2017

Beauty 15th FUll Moon Tea

This is a special tea that is compressed of fruits and seeds. I can say is a foodcure than medicine tea.

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1) American Gingseng  5 thin slice
2) Wu wei zi  15-20 seeds
3) Red dates 2 Smash it with fingers
4) Mai Dong 10 pieces

All in 2 cups of water boil for 20mins.

This tea

ontain loads of Vitamin A,C B1, B2, protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. This makes them great for people suffering and recovering from tiredness In particular,  It stimulate the production of white blood cells – which improves immunity and protects the liver.

It strengthening the liver, kidney,spleen and stomach Qi (energy) – which in turns helps to digest food, tonify blood and tranquilize the mind.

So is good for mental fatigue too and skin dull dull.


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2) True Brightening Moisturiser:
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3) Milk Day Moisturiser:

Many asked me to re launch day hydrator . So i decide to launch a new Day Milk lotion. Is for all skin type. The texture suit singapore weather. It leaves skin a velvety finish and refine ur fine lines. Provide long day hydration
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4) A8D Dragonblood Gel
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