Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rooster Year and Health

2017 is 治暗病年
 (1 in every 12 years, there is a symbolic chinese tradition according to Grandma ma time that Rooster year is a anti hidden illness year.

For this I will be organising two important workshop for health and beauty.
2nd April 2017 and Also 20 year anniversary October time 2017.

2017: Powerful soup is 佛手瓜soup!  I will share in the talk.

Please register fast the 2nd April 2017 talk as it will be a chit chat and valuable workshop to answer things from kwa sha, acupressure, meridians.

2017 I wish all good health. Go see Dr Xu li li one time or ur favourite TCM to tune ur body ok. I am not spokesman for any people or brand. But she is a good doctor.

2017 we will also donate more medicine to organisations:> Stay tune

8th Jan 2017: welcome 2017 (religious content) will have many powerful topics how to have a better 2017
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Rooster represent Good Health and once in 12 years

For new students u can come to this class .

they was a saying according to the weather and planets. Is a year where we can overcome many hidden illnesses.

Because of that I will be celebrating my 20th year anniversary between August 2017 to October 2017 one of the date.

Also 2nd April 2017 is a special date health and beauty with Bryan Part One (the one is a name, there is no part 2). Is a talk for all to attend and some students even attended 6 times still come because there is alot of informations:>


Health and Beauty with bryan lao Shi part ONE
2nd April 2017
National Library
930am to 12pm

Aroma acupressure music therapy with bryan lao Shi

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