Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bryan's Soup For Eyes and nourishment

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Sometimes we may feel eyes blur blur or tiredness and abit giddy.

And a soup once a week can help to prevent that. Also help people who has ear ringing.


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Bai Shu in English is

  • Atractylodes is a well-known herb in Chinese medicine that improves digestive health and energy levels. It strengthens digestion and metabolism and can be used for weight loss when digestive weakness is causing weight gain. It is used for cases where fatigue, lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, or spontaneous sweating in weakened individuals is present. It is sometimes taken during pregnancy with other herbs to alleviate morning sickness. Atractylodes promotes urination and can reduce edema (swelling due to accumulation of fluid in organs and tissues of the body). It is used in formulations for some types of arthritic pain.
Bai Shu 10 gram
Red dates 5
400 gram chicken drum stick
Omhealth dried ginger 4  (the himalayans ginger add power to the soup)
seasalt some to taste

Put all ingredients and around 1.2 litre water (u estimate ok).

Boil for 40mins will do. small fire.

This soup nourish the blood, also stomach bloated issue can indirectly helps.

Moody and always lost temper people please try this soup also. Also elderly if knee weak can drink this soup to assist.

Overall is a good soup for all:>


Above soup is powerful to drink and do enjoy:>

It helps in strengtening the spleen and move the Qi and blood in body:>


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