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Turn back time on ur skin cells (20 set)

2nd April 2017

Health and Beauty with Bryan

Dont miss it!

Venue : National Library
Time 930am

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Is there a way to reduce the free radicals from speeding up ur skin aging process.


1) Proper diet (must have greens vege)
2) Breathing exercise daily
3) Using skincare and also oil too

Now first use omhealth antiage Cleanser

This antiage cleanser is amazing:> It cleanse skin gently yet thoroughly

This gentle cleanser effectively removes impurities without depriving the skin’s moisture. The complexion is left soothed, refreshed, and comfortable.
It is formulated for dry sensitive skin and weak skin cells. It helps to remove excess impurities and oil without drying the skin

It is so gently and can be used few times a day. Non-irritating ingredients free from SLS, paraben etc

Follow by omhealth toner like lavender water or rose hydrosol.

And serum like

1) Antiage serum
2) rose C serum Brightening

 If evening use Magwhite serum to helps pigmentations

Follow by a moisturiser:

Day time: Use Day Milk power day lite and wonderful texture.

Evening: Either

1) Marine Collagen (very good to use few times a year)
2) Perfectionist  (matt finish for face and texture is so nice and scent amazing_
3) Synergy cream (pack with herbs and slight warm due to ginger)

4) True Brightening Moisturiser ( A MUST TRY for first timer)



1) Astiquer Mild Cleanser Cream with lavendula vera $50
i )Rose Otto toner
ii) lavender water $45

3) Serum Choose one  from
i) True Brightening Rose C serum $55
ii) Antiage serum $68
iii) Magwhite serum $45

4) Moisturiser
i) Marine Collagen  (firming and Nourishing)
ii) Perfectionist (soft finish and surge of hydration)
iii) Synergy cream (matured and tired skin repair)
iv) True Brightening moisturiser  (Bouncy skin with scent of lavendula vera)

Beginners I suggest u chose

Astiquer cream cleanser, Lavender water, Rose C serum and True Brightening moisturiser.

This can help reduce pigmentation

Omhealth skincare has been around for 17 years now.

Give it a try this set:>


For all who choose the set above u can choose one of the following oil free

1) Lavendula vera  oil
2) Peppermint oil
3) Rosemary oil

To order

email to with address and mobile, will courier once payment made. Email will take 2 days reply and courier within 5 days; also courier fees apply.

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