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Clary Sage Oil

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Clary Sage Oil was launched last year by Omhealth.

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It is actually extracted from the leaves and flowering top of the plant.
Origin from: Morocco

Aroma : Sweet, heady and flora.
Color: Colourless to pale yellow

Main usages: Relaxing and tonic

Circulatory System: Excellent for reducing blood pressure and heart palpilations issues.
Balance hormones system and reducing PMS
relieves pain of menstrual cramps
beneficial for menopause

Nervous System

It is like a cushion that induce a sense of well being and optimism and create a peaceful aura around u.
It helps to release mental stress and disorders. . It relaxes the nerve impulses and doesn’t allow those uncontrollable spasms to occur. . It does not only strengthen your gums, but also strengthens and tones the skin if u dilute use it, muscles and hair follicles, preventing hair loss and making you look and feel younger. It functions as an antioxidant in this way by tightening up the skin that might be sagging due to the activity of free radicals present in the body.


When use for final rinse for skin (a drop in a mug water) can sooth inflammed skin and balance oily skin and also famous for dandruff issues and stimulates hair growth.

I use for facial steaming to prevent deep wrinkles.

Omhealth Clary Sage Super clinical grade and fresh


12ml at $50 and is super worth it.

U can add few drops to ur shampoo and shake it well.

1) For PMS, u can rub 2 drops at abdomen and than perform deep breathing exericse
2) Feeling lost, a drop in tissue than compress between eyebrow 5 seconds and inhale from tissue
3) Feeling out of sort, like not in tune with urself now, or lost or confuse. U can use clary sage and apply a drop at your Nei Guan Point and press for 1 minute.

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Super Calming Mediation Blend

10-15 ml rice bran or jojoba oil: 3 drops clary sage, 2 drops frankincense, 2 drops awakening and 1 drop roman chamomile:

Use this blend apply chest or perform head massage and after that rinse hair with water wash off.

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