Thursday, June 1, 2017

Korean Cafe Meet up with Bryan Lao Shi and Dr Xu

Venue : Korea Coffee House in Orchard  13th August 2017

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Date: 13th August 2017

Fees; $68 (ur breakfast worth $25, as they only allow me to organise with $25 per head spending)

Special Guest: Dr Xu Lili will see ur tongue and tell ur health for as many people as possible (cannot quarrel .

Bryan Lao Shi will teach ur eye care and also face beauty and health la.

Door Gift included

Time: 930am ( we eat breakfast, the food hor we prepare le, actually this is an extra gesture from omhealth to thank all, so cannot complaint food.)

Limited to special 40 pax (students and those attended workshop before) also asking them to prepare Mango Lavender cake bite for all. I stress le this gathering.

Email to, name and mobile and payment to be made. If no come, the fees will not be refundable or exchange products because i order food le, and end up eat up ur food and be fat fat ahahah.

Upcoming Event

A)Tea House with Bryan Lao Shi 25th June FULL HOUSE. 16th July cancelled.

Event A: 30th JULY 2017

Positive Affirmation and Simple Effective Bai Bai and Meditation for renew energy with Bryan Lao Shi
Venue: CSC club (for students or those who attended workshop before)
Fees: $38 per pax

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